Yea Lawns!


  Yea Lawns!


Gas lawncare is incredibly toxic and unsustainable — for you, lawn crews, your neighborhood, and the climate.

Gas gets stuff done, PERIOD. Everyone working in lawn care knows it. With incredible energy density, liquid portability, and an (artificially) low price point, gas has driven a hundred years of machine innovation, putting amazing power in our hands, increasing productivity, and vastly advancing society.

But at what price?

We like the power, it's just that everything else about gas equipment sucks — and I mean EVERYTHING. The extraction and refinement of oil and gas alone require a global dirty energy infrastructure with staggering environmental costs (not to mention varying degrees of political and military entanglement). And as fossil fuels get harder to find and more dangerous to extract, the dollar price — as well as humanitarian and ecological costs — are guaranteed to rise. In fact they're predicted to accelerate.

Meanwhile, homeowners and lawn crews endure back-tweaking pull-starts, heavier equipment, and dangerous levels of noise and particulate pollution. They have to manage oil + gas storage, mixing, refilling, spills, puddles, fumes, grime, and cleanup that requires yet more toxic chemicals. Spark plugs, air filters, belts, carburetors, and pneumatic fluids need service and replacement, all of which wear out quicker on gas machines because of excessive heat, vibration, and grime build-up.

For all of that, the two- and four-stroke gas engines we think we love may be the very least efficient (20 - 40% efficiency vs. 90% for electric) and most polluting machines of modern times. A two-stroke gas engine creates as many greenhouse gas emissions per hour as 39 cars! They also spew as much toxic and smog-forming particulates per hour as 29 2003 Cadillac Escalades! Furthermore, the extreme noise levels of small gas engines are not only dangerous for operators — screaming well above the 90db threshold for safe use without ear protection — they're also a notorious annoyance in neighborhoods, school campuses, office complexes, country clubs, and parks.

Meanwhile, the particulate and GHG (greenhouse gas) clouds spewing from the exhaust pipes of 54 million weekend lawn mowings in the US help push the entire global climate to tipping points that threaten all living things.

Gas equipment is shackled with all these costs, and they continue to compound over the life of your equipment. We know it has to stop, but there hasn't been a viable replacement to gas ... until now.


The latest battery electric lawn equipment is super powerful, clean, quiet, economic and sustainable.

Like jetpacks and Jetson's cars, cordless electric lawn mowers have always been on the horizon, but never quite in our hands. Sure, some of the big brands have tested a few in the market. There's just one problem: homeowners and lawn crews have always known that battery mowers have sucked — small and weak, power fade, short run times, limited life cycles, and 12 to 18hr recharge turnarounds. Early batteries even demanded specific discharge and recharge protocols to prevent damage, weakening performance, and shorter lifespans.

This is not your father's battery mower!

Stunning leaps in high-tech Lithium-based batteries in just the past couple years are a game changer. Radical upgrades across the board — energy density, power output, run-time, charge times, life cycles, weight and size — have completely revolutionized the battery lawn care market. 

These new super power packs have inspired an industrial design revolution of the entire suite of lawn equipment.

Brushless electric motors are up to 90% efficient (vs. 20 - 40% for gas) and 40% quieter than gas. Folding handles — and the fact that there's no oil and gas tanks, hoses, and leaks — for suitcase-style vertical storage or wall hanging, decreasing storage space and eliminating leaks and stains. Safety keys and engine locks prevent injuries, push button starts eliminate pull-start nightmares, and because heat and vibrations have been reduced, aluminum and industrial-grade plastics allow for much lighter weight, making for easier and safer operation. There's even LED headlights on one model! The mower is so quiet you can run it in the early morning or evening when it's cool, without bothering your neighbors!

Quiet, clean, battery electric lawncare is a total no-brainer. It's a win-win-win-win for the homeowner, the lawn crew, the neighborhood, and the environment. 



Gas-powered lawn equipment is ancient, polluting, dangerous and unsustainable.

  • Very Noisy - operates above the threshold for worker ear safety, and is highly annoying to you and your neighbors
  • Incredibly Polluting — generates staggering volumes of particulates, toxins, and gasses that contribute to Climate Change, smog, and health issues.
  • Requires perpetual gas + oil refills with built-in operating costs rising over time. 
  • Significant evaporative emissions from gas storage, filling, and spills.
  • Lawn care workers risk lung disease and hearing loss.
  • Toxic chemicals required to clean gas and oil mechanisms, filters — most of which evaporate or are illegally dumped directly into landfills.


Battery electric lawn care is cutting edge, clean, quiet, and better for the planet.

  • Quiet, relaxing neighborhoods, schools and office grounds — communities we all want to live in
  • Zero emissions helps mitigate Climate Change — your planet will love you
  • Healthy lawn care workers — your crew will love you
  • No gas, oil, filters, spark plugs, carburetors means almost zero operating costs over time
  • No evaporative emissions, leaks, spills, toxic chemical disposal or landfill waste
  • Almost zero equipment maintenance
  • Solar powered, if you have panels
  • Even if your electricity comes from a coal plant, battery electric lawn mowers are way cleaner than gas.
  • Recycleable batteries

  Vibrant Opportunity


  Vibrant Opportunity

What's the problem?

Real global solutions to Climate Change are clouded in false debates, and locked up in intractable international politics and policy, legislation and regulation, economics and market forces. It's intimidating, overwhelming, and frustrating, even for veteran politicians, climate scientists, and environmentalists. And while individual commitments to reducing one's carbon footprint on a personal level feel good in our homes and families, they're not happening nearly fast enough or broadly enough to reach global reductions targets in a useful timeframe.

So what do we do?

  • grow a profitable business based on sustainable business practices
  • help reduce the carbon footprint and pollutants of gas-powered lawn care
  • improve the lives of homeowners, their neighbors, and lawn care workers
  • eliminate the contribution lawn care makes to global warming and climate change
  • reduce the impact of lawn care on those around the world who are adversely affected by the fallout of our high-carbon lifestyle






The imperative is more urgent than ever: we must overcome the political, cultural and economic barriers to get people to adopt to the low-carbon options really fast. We need entrepreneurs to lead the decarbonization of our lives now, and to make it happen pronto!
— Jonathan Koomey, Ph. D., paraphrased from Cold Cash, Cool Climate

  Go Solar


  Go Solar

SolarCity offers a better way to power homes at a lower cost while contributing to a cleaner planet.

Solar power can actually cost less than you pay now with low, predictable, locked-in rates. The savings can add up to thousands. You don’t need thousands to buy a solar power system, you only need a good roof, because solar panel installation is free.

Why SolarCity?

We make it easy. Your experience is our top priority, starting the moment you contact us. Our team will take care of everything. Once scheduled, your solar power system installation can take as little as one day.

America's #1 full-service solar provider

Thousands of homeowners are already enjoying the benefits of clean, affordable energy from SolarCity. We continuously monitor each solar power system to ensure everything’s running smoothly, and cover maintenance, repairs and insurance at no added cost.





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